Top Weekend Renovations for the DIYer 1

Top Weekend Renovations for the DIYer

Top Weekend Renovations for the DIYer 2

Want to make home improvements, but aren’t looking to do a major renovation overhaul? Not to worry. There are plenty of projects that can be done in a weekend (or two) that will add beauty, curb appeal, and value to your home. Even better, you can tackle these projects on your own (and with a little help from YouTube). 

Lay a Flagstone Path

Do you have an outdoor space that’s covered with weeds and dirt, overgrown or just kind of “blah”? Define and elevate the space with the beauty of flagstones. Flagstones make beautiful walkways and patios and offer a way to create new spaces without building a single structure. 

Learn more about creating a flagstone walkway here. 

Paint A Wooden Deck

This one is part DIY renovation project, part of obligatory home maintenance. If you have a wooden deck, it will inevitably become weather-worn. To prevent water damage and simply to keep your home looking beautiful, giving your wooden deck a fresh coat of paint is the perfect project for an instant home refresh.

Raised Garden Beds

A beautiful raised garden bed is an amazing way to add visual interest to your yard. Not only does it look pretty, but you can use them to grow herbs, fresh vegetables, and fruits, making your yard a sustainable resource. 

 Also, with so many different styles and materials for raised garden beds, you’ll be sure to build one that is perfect for your home’s style. There’s no shortage of resources for this project on YouTube, but here’s a video about raised garden beds to get you started.

 Bonus: if you grow too many veggies, you’ll have the chance to delight friends and colleagues with free fresh produce. 

Rain Gutter Refresh

A commonly overlooked home detail, replacing your old rain gutters is a subtle way to beautify your home. There are a surprising amount of different colors and styles, so if you’ve recently painted your home or updated your siding, this is one project that you won’t want to pass up! Not only can a new rain gutter add beauty, but installing a leaf guard for gutters helps keep the water flowing away from your house properly while relieving you of rain gutter cleaning duty.

Built-In BBQ

Who doesn’t love a good grill session on a beautiful day? Installing a built-in bbq ensures that the good times are there to stay all while creating a natural place to gather and be merry outdoors. Whether you go top-notch and build an outdoor kitchen around your bbq or go with something a little more low-key, this project will bring you and future owners plenty of joy.

Backyard Firepit

An outdoor fire pit can be enjoyed year-round in many climates and are a natural place to gather with loved ones for scintillating conversation over drinks and laughter. With a huge variety of outdoor firepits to fit every style and every budget, why not ditch the glow of the television and reconnect with family and friends over the glow of a fire?

 Start searching for your perfect outdoor firepit here.

Outdoor Lighting

Shed new light on your garden, patio, walkway, or yard with upgraded fixtures and lighting schemes. Just like updating your indoor lighting fixtures, this is a quick way to add value and beauty to your home’s exterior. At the same time, adding lights along a walkway or in a garden lends to an elegant evening experience just from some simple additions.

 Not sure where to start? Check out this video for inspiration.

Add Life With Plants

Plants add beauty, clean the air and provide an overall sense of peace and calm. Even better, there are so many options when it comes to using plants to upgrade your home. For those who want to start with something simple, potted plants placed at your entry or around your porch are an instant and easy way for a green transformation. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at gardening, but aren’t ready to commit full out, try a window-box herb garden and go from there. 

 If you’re ready to take on a larger project, start a flower garden to add a more permanent sense of beauty to your surroundings. And if you’re ready for a total overhaul, taking on some landscaping might be the answer for you (though it will probably take more than a weekend to complete).


Whether you’re a weathered weekend DIYer or aspiring to master the art of simple renovations as a homeowner, remember that major improvements don’t always have to be at the hand of major upgrades. Sometimes the most subtle changes create the most significant impact. On top of that, as a DIYer, you can take pride in the fact that you put care and energy into your home so you and your loved ones can enjoy it for years to come!