OW Lee Difference

OW Lee stands for quality.

We do everything possible to make furniture that stands up to:

  • Structural Failure
  • Corrosion
  • Rusting
  • Oxidation/Rusting
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Rain Water Retention
  • Fading
  • Disintegration from UV Rays
  • Chemicals
  • Stains

Explore the Difference

Made in America

Truly an American family tradition, OW Lee Company was established in Pasadena, California, by Oddist W. Lee in 1947 as a wrought-iron gate manufacturer for the luxurious estates of Southern California. Due to increased requests from local patio furniture store owners, Oddist began to design and sell high-end patio furniture directly. In 1954, he incorporated under the name OW Lee Company.

Oddist’s son, Bob, joined his father after high school and continued in the business after Oddist retired. Throughout the 1970’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, Bob Lee and his wife, Beverly, established OW Lee Company as a well-known and reputable manufacturer in the ever-growing outdoor furniture industry. In 2008 Bob and Beverly received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Casual Furnishings Association in recognition of their exemplary contributions to the casual furniture industry and to their communities.

The third and fourth generation of the Lee family maintains Oddist’s commitment to quality more than 74 years later. Bob’s daughter Terri and son-in-law Chris are continuing to build OW Lee into the premier name in casual furnishings. The OW Lee name stands for quality, and as a family-owned business, they have pledged to continue the tradition started in 1947.

The International Casual Furnishings Association is a global leader in promoting business development and partnerships in the outdoor and casual furnishings industry. The Manufacturer of the Year award is one of the ICFA’s top honors. ICFA members are invited to vote for this award using the following criteria: design and quality of products, merchandising, customer service, ethics, communications, and trade relations.


Starting with raw materials, OW Lee adheres to the highest quality standards. Our raw aluminum and iron rods, tubing, and sheets used to make chair, table, and fire pit frames is often the most durable available on the market.

Wherever there is an intersection of metal, we use a full-circumference weld to join the metal together. Steel and aluminum pieces are bent into exact shapes and then hand-forged with a hammer and anvil, a process unchanged since blacksmiths in the middle ages.

OW Lee utilizes two robotic welders for simpler and high-volume items. These robotic welders allow OW Lee to achieve the highest level of accuracy in mere seconds.

OW Lee employs an extensive process to apply a long-lasting powder coating finish to our frames. Using a chemical reaction, tiny paint-like particles known as “powder” adhere to the frame.

The chemical reaction in powder coating causes the particles to spread evenly into every corner and crevasse of the frame, preventing exposed metal which can cause corrosion. Our 5-step powder coating process includes two washing cycles, a zinc-rich primer coat, a baking process, and then the final finish color is applied. This process puts a 4-6 mil thick finish on the metal, providing excellent protection against the outdoor elements.

OW Lee stands behind the quality and construction of their cushions. We offer a five-year warranty; one of the best warranties in the industry.

Each cushion is expertly sewn by hand in Comfort, Texas. Only the highest quality outdoor fabrics are used in creating custom-tailored cushions that follow the lines of the collection and fit each piece of furniture perfectly. Only the highest quality outdoor fabrics are used in creating custom-tailored cushions that follow the lines of the collection and fit each piece of furniture perfectly.

Our Plush Comfort cushions provide indoor comfort that stands up to outdoor elements.

Tenara© thread is made from a specially engineered fluoropolymer, not polyester like typical thread. Tenara thread is UV and water-resistant, and will not break down from harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. OW Lee uses polyester Velcro to attach the cushion to the metal frame which has better UV resistance than traditional nylon Velcro.

All Stock fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylic. In “solution dyed” fabric every fiber in the yarn receives dye. Solution-dyed fabric is more fade-resistant than traditionally dyed fabric. The fabric is mold and mildew resistant and holds up to chemicals well (think about pool chlorine and bleach cleaning). It also has water wicking and quick-drying properties.

OW Lee fire pits are certified according to ANSI and CSA (Canadian) safety standards by Labtest Certification Inc., located in Las Vegas, NV. Labtest is an accredited independent third party testing certification laboratory that performs various tests to ensure the reliability and safety of every OW Lee fire unit. In addition, every fire pit and fire table is tested in the factory before shipping.

Information about our firepits:

  • Made in America
  • Portable as one unit
  • Natural gas conversion kit included
  • 32k-65k BTU Rating (depending on unit)
  • ANSI and CSA certified
  • Easy Tank Access

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OW Lee stand behind one of the best warranties in the industry!

Frame: OW Lee offers a twenty (20) year limited structural warranty on frames under normal use. OW Lee will, at factory option, repair or replace any OW Lee frame that has failed structurally during the warranty period from the date of purchase. To retain the warranty, regular care and maintenance is required.

Finish: OW Lee offers a five (5) year limited warranty for frames against blistering, peeling, or fading of the frame finish under normal use. OW Lee will, at factory option, refinish or replace your OW Lee frame if the above occurs during the warranty period from the date of purchase.

Cushions: OW Lee offers a five (5) year limited warranty on the craftsmanship and construction of the cushion, sling seat, and Sytex material, and a two (2) year limited warranty on Flex Comfort™ under normal use. This warranty includes any fading or discoloration of the fabric.

To read our entire Residential Warranty, Click here.