Aluminum Base/Porcelain Top Construction | Available in Occasional, Chat, Dining & Counter Heights | Manual or Electronic Ignition

Customizable Options: Finish, Tile, Media, Accessories

42″ Sq. Occasional Height

30″x50″ Occasional Height

36″x58″ Occasional Height

42″X72″ Occasional Height

36″ Rd. Occasional Height

42″ Rd. Occasional Height

54″ Rd. Occasional Height

42″ Sq. Chat Height

30″x50″ Chat Height

36″x58″ Chat Height

42″x72″ Chat Height

30″ Rd. Chat Height

36″ Rd. Chat Height

42″ Rd. Chat Height

54″ Rd. Chat Height

54″ Rd. Dining Height

42″x72″ Dining Height

42″x72″ Counter Height

36″ Rd. Counter Height

54″ Rd. Counter Height

28″x72″ Occasional Height

28″x72″ Chat Height

36″x58″ Boat Occasional Height

36″x58″ Boat Chat Height

36″x74″ Boat Occasional Height

36″x74″ Boat Chat Height

44″x84″ Boat Occasional Height

44″x84″ Boat Chat Height

44″x84″ Boat Dining Height

44″x84″ Boat Counter Height

42″ Boat Occasional Height

42″ Boat Chat Height

54″ Boat Occasional Height

54″ Boat Chat Height

54″ Boat Dining Height

54″ Boat Counter Height

60″ Boat Occasional Height

60″ Boat Chat Height

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